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Our spreading of the Good Word is limited only by our imaginations and the strength of our prayers as He provides all that is needed when asked with generous hearts.

As we reach out to those not coming to Church, to the homebound, and those who wish to find a loving home with Jesus Christ we are most pleased as servants of God to be entrusted with the spiritual wellbeing of all those in the community we are a part of. Our programs and events bring long-time church members, returning Catholics, and new converts together to build community, encourage spiritual growth, and extend support to neighbors in need. Your goodness allows our parish to continue in the Gospel mission of reaching out to others.

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Father Dan Zimmerschied

Father Dan Zimmerschied

Father Dan Zimmerschied has served Colorado’s Catholic community for more than 17 years, joining Guardian Angels Parish in 2014.

Father Dan received his training at St. Thomas (now John Vianney) Seminary in Denver and Mundelein Seminary in Chicago and was ordained on May 31, 1997 by Archbishop Chaput. Following his ordination, Father Dan served as parochial vicar for two years at St. Vincent DePaul in southeast Denver before becoming pastor of three parishes in northeast Colorado for six years: St. Patrick’s, Christ the King and St. Peter the Apostle. In 2005, he returned to St. Vincent DePaul to serve as pastor for the following nine years before coming to Guardian Angels.

Our history

Guardian Angels parish in Denver, CO

Entry to Guardian Angels Church

Guardian Angels parish was established in 1953, and on December 15, 1954, Archbishop Vehr solemnly blessed our newborn church. The theme of that dedication still holds true today: Every church has its patron saint, but no church will have so many people in heaven directly interested in its welfare as does this one dedicated to the Guardian Angels. This parish will have as many patrons as there are souls of parishioners, for every person has a Guardian Angel.

In 1962, Guardian Angels Catholic School opened with kindergarten through sixth grade classes, staffed by the Franciscan sisters from the Marycrest Convent. Seventh and eighth grade classes were added as the years progressed. Today, our school continues to provide outstanding quality education and in-depth faith enrichment as well as a vibrant active preschool childcare program.

palyground at Guardian Angels school in Denver, CO

sculpture at Guardian Angels Church

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Principal of Guardian Angels Catholic School Mary Gold
Principal of Guardian Angels Catholic School
Deacon Gary Miller
Director of Religious Education
Pat Barriga
Parish Secretary

Principal of Guardian Angels Catholic School