The Parish is always in need of:
  • Lectors, Eucharistic ministers, Altar Servers, and Ushers

for our many services.

Contact: Dee Aragon by calling the Parish office at 303-433-8361.


The purpose of the Altar & Rosary Society is to unite all the Catholic women of Guardian Angels Parish in religious, educational, and social activities, and to assist the Pastor in spiritual and material undertakings for the welfare of the Parish. Membership is open to all ladies who are permanent or temporary members of Guardian Angels’ Parish.

Contact: Linda Sandoval by calling the Parish office at 303-433-8361.

St. Cecilia, 1896 by John Melhuish Strukdwick

Music Ministry

St. Augustine said, “When you sing you pray twice.”

The Parish has an active and vibrant music ministry. If you are musically inclined and like singing or other musical activities your participation is welcomed. Our choir is a great group and cantors are always needed.

Contact: Michelle Greenwald by calling the Parish office 303-433-8361

Our Homebound Friends

Homebound ministries

Many of our parishioners are elderly and in need of caring friendship and just warm communications. Our Parish members help out with some daily needs like running errands and delivering items. If you are moved by the Holy Spirit to assist in the activities of this much needed group in our community get involved. You'll be glad you did.

Contact: Janet Wesenberg by calling the Parish office 303-433-8361


Hly Name medallionThe primary object of the Holy Name Society is to promote due love and reverence for the Holy Name of God and Jesus Christ. The secondary object is to suppress blasphemy, perjury or oaths (swearing) of any kind. It is one of several confraternities under the care of the Dominican Order.

Our mission is to spread reverence for the Holy name of God and strengthen personal sanctification and holiness of our members. We practice prayer and Christian fellowship through spiritual and social activities.

Contact: Ray Martinez by calling the Parish office at 303-433-8361

Knights of Columbus

Thanks to the efforts of Father Michael J. McGivney, assistant pastor of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven and some of his parishioners, the Connecticut state legislature on March 29, 1882, officially chartered the Knights of Columbus as a fraternal benefit society. The Order is still true to its founding principles of charity, unity and fraternity.

The Knights was formed to render financial aid to members and their families. Mutual aid and assistance are offered to sick, disabled and needy members and their families. Social and intellectual fellowship is promoted among members and their families through educational, charitable, religious, social welfare, war relief and public relief works.

Contact: Matt Flores by calling the Parish office at 303-433-8361